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Transfer Consciousness

Starfinder Character Operations Manual p.142

Level Technomancer 5
School divination
Casting Time 1 round
Range touch
Targets one computer or willing technological construct; see text
Duration 10 minutes/level (D)
Saving Throw Will negates; Spell Resistance yes

You transfer your mind into a computer or technological construct. If you transfer your mind into a computer, its tier can be no higher than half your caster level. If you transfer into a construct, it must be willing or, if nonsapient, not hostile to you. The construct's CR or level can be no higher than your caster level.
While your mind is in a computer system, you have direct control over its commands. You can perform Computers checks related to that system in half the usual time.
If you transfer your mind into a technological construct, you have access to its functions, allowing you to control the creature directly. You can't cast the construct's spells or use its spell-like or supernatural abilities. You can cast your own spells.
While this spell lasts, your body falls prone and helpless, as if you were unconscious. When the spell ends, your mind transfers back to your body instantly, provided your body and the target are on the same plane. Otherwise, you die.

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