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Starfinder Near Space p.145

Commandos are elite specialists, trained to endure dangerous environments and hostile situations. They are known for building a resistance against specific threats, ranging from interrogation to weather. Above all else, a commando is tough and adaptable, sent into dangerous environments either as an individual or as part of a small troop to complete important missions or escort high-value individuals.
Organizations known to train commandos are widely varying, with soldier and vanguard commandos recruited by the Veskarium military, the Skyfire Legion of the Pact Worlds, and the Gideron Authority, where they play an important role in hostile environments and combat encounters. On Ghorus Prime, specialized commando mystics act as guides and operators for wilderness lodges that manage plant-creature populations in dangerous environments. The Speakers of Embroi are known for employing envoy commandos known for showing little fear, while squads regularly escort the Guardians of Daimalko. In both the Gideron Authority and the Marixah Republic, mystic and technomancer commandos lead investigations of unknown ruins in dangerous frontiers, resulting in technological advancements; such groups include the hobgoblin-led Scarlet Horse Troop and the Diamond Spider Division from the colonies of Sansorgis. What little exploration that has occurred on the floating ruins of Tabrid Minor is conducted largely by well-prepared commando biohackers and adaptable commando solarians.

Alternate Class Features

The commando archetype grants alternate class features at 4th, 6th, and 12th levels, and an alternate class feature that can be selected at 9th level, 18th level, both, or neither.

Commando Conditioning (Ex) 4th Level

You have learned how to steel yourself against a specific type of hostile environment. Choose one conditioning style from those listed below. You gain a +2 insight bonus to saving throws against the types of effects listed in any conditioning styles you have selected from this archetype. This is your conditioning bonus. If your conditioning bonus would apply multiple times to a single saving throw, instead increase your conditioning bonus by +1 for every time after the first that it would apply.

Conditioning Styles

The following conditioning styles are available to commandos. Each conditioning style can be taken only once.

Exceptional Endurance (Ex) 6th Level

Your field training makes you exceptionally tough. Choose an additional conditioning style. In addition, you add your class level to your total Stamina Points.

Exposure Training (Ex) 12th Level

You have learned how to make the most out of any situation, even ones you’re not specifically trained for. Choose an additional conditioning style. Additionally, once per day as a reaction when you attempt a saving throw that your conditioning bonus doesn’t apply to, you can apply your conditioning bonus to that saving throw.

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