The Hidden Truth

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Cybernetic Bridge (Ex) Basic

Starfinder Armory p.147

Your drone can be improved with one cybernetic (Core Rulebook 208) or magitech (see page 90) augmentation, selected from only one of the following systems: arm, brain, ears, eyes, hand, legs, or throat. If the augmentation has an item level that is 4 or more levels lower than your ranks in Engineering (for cybernetics augmentations) or Mysticism (for magitech augmentations), you can create and install the augmentation yourself at no cost. You can change such self-built augmentations once per day with 1 hour of work. If the augmentation is not 4 or more levels lower than your appropriate skill ranks, you must acquire and pay for the augmentation (including changing or replacing the augmentation) normally.

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