The Hidden Truth

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Transcendence (Sp) 19th Level

You are close to becoming one with your connection. You can cast each of your connection spells once per day without consuming a spell slot. In addition, you learn how to temporarily transcend your physical form. Once per day, you can spend 1 Resolve Point to project your consciousness outside of your physical body in the form of an intangible psychic image of yourself. This counts as a 6th-level illusion effect and lasts for a number of rounds equal to your mystic level. While your consciousness is projected, your physical body is considered blind, deaf, and helpless, but you can return to your body as a swift action. You control your psychic image as though it was your own body, and your senses perceive only what the image can see and hear. You move with a fly speed of 60 feet and perfect maneuverability. You can pass through solid objects as though you were incorporeal, but you can’t go farther into a solid object than your space (5 feet for a Medium creature). You can’t directly affect physical objects. Your projected consciousness is immune to most attacks or effects, whether or not they affect incorporeal creatures, but mindaffecting effects have their full effect on you.
You can cast any mystic spell or spell-like ability with a range of touch or greater from your projected consciousness. The spells affect other targets normally. You can’t cast any spells on your projected consciousness except for illusion spells. You need not maintain line of effect to your projected consciousness, but if you cross into another plane, even momentarily (including via Drift travel), your mind immediately returns to your physical body.

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