The Hidden Truth

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Biometric Theft (Ex) 10th Level

Starfinder Tech Revolution Playtest p.8

Your nanites can modify your features in subtle ways, allowing you to attempt a Disguise check in place of a Computers or Engineering check to defeat biometric locks and similar safeguards. As a reaction when you hit a creature with a melee attack or touch them, you can use a nanite surge to absorb a sample of the target’s DNA or other code. You can store a number of samples equal to your Constitution modifier at any time, and each sample remains viable a number of days equal to your Constitution modifier. If you absorb another sample and exceed this maximum, you erase one sample of your choice.
You gain a +5 circumstance bonus on Disguise checks to defeat biometric safeguards keyed to any creature whose sample you have. In addition, you can use the facial reconfiguration knack to take the appearance of any creatures whose samples you have. This instead grants a +10 circumstance bonus to the Disguise check. In addition, facial reconfiguration reduces the check’s DC modifier for this disguise by an amount equal to your nanocyte level (to a minimum of +0), applied to any of the check’s modifiers.

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