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Omniscient Nanites (Ex) 18th Level

Starfinder Tech Revolution Playtest p.10

Nothing escapes the notice of your nanites. Your blindsight (vibration) granted by the all-seeing nanites knack increases its range to 20 feet. This blindsight also extends to any area to which your nanite cloud has line of effect, to a range of 20 feet. Traces of your nanite host can even penetrate solid material, granting you the sense through (blindsight [vibration]) ability, which is blocked by especially dense or thick materials as normal. Finally, when you apply a nanite tracker to a target using the all-seeing nanites knack, you can sense the target as though you had blindsight (vibration) with a range of a number of miles equal to your Constitution modifier.
You must have the all-seeing nanites knack to select this knack.

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