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Fourfold Tactician

Starfinder Character Operations Manual p.20

A fourfold tactician is a master of making use of multiple weapons and still having a spare hand. You must have four or more arms to select or use this fighting style.

Double Draw (Ex) 1st Level

You gain Double Draw as a bonus feat. If you have Double Draw, you can instead select a combat feat for which you meet the prerequisites. Starting at 9th level, you can draw or sheathe as many weapons as you have limbs, using the same action normally required to do so with one weapon.

Feint and Strike (Ex) 5th Level

While wielding at least two weapons, you can feint and make one attack as a standard action. This ability counts as Improved Feint for meeting prerequisites. If you have Improved Feint, you instead gain a +2 insight bonus to Bluff checks to feint while you are wielding at least two weapons.

Instant Reload (Ex) 9th Level

You can expend 1 Resolve Point to reload every weapon you are wielding as a move action.

Run and Gun (Ex) 13th Level

While you are holding two or more weapons, you can move up to your speed before or after a full attack. You can’t move between attacks, and you can make no more than one attack with each weapon you are holding unless another ability, such as the Fusillade feat, allows you to do so.

Overkill (Ex) 17th Level

As a full attack, you can fire two automatic weapons in their automatic mode, taking the same penalty to attack rolls you normally do for making a full attack.

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