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Silent Slayer

Starfinder Adventure Path #25: The Chimera Mystery (The Threefold Conspiracy 1 of 6) p.50

The silent slayer fighting style focuses on lurking quietly in the shadows and striking in close combat without warning. You train heavily in the use of melee weapons and light armor, pushing both beyond their normal limits, and eventually learn to fade away as quickly as you emerge.

Claws of the Shadow (Ex) 1st Level

Stealth becomes a class skill for you, and when you strike silently, you disorient your opponent. When you successfully attack a target from hiding with a melee weapon with the operative weapon special quality, that target is off-target until the end of its next turn.

Darting Shadow (Ex) 5th Level

You gain Mobility as a bonus feat. If you already have Mobility, you instead gain Spring Attack as a bonus feat.

Fading Shadow (Su) 9th Level

As a move action, you can spend 1 Resolve Point to vanish in a whorl of shadows and teleport yourself to any point within 30 feet that you can see. This counts as a diversion, as if you had just successfully used the Bluff skill, so you can immediately attempt a Stealth check to hide with only a –10 penalty. Starting at 15th level, if you have the Spring Attack feat, you can use this ability to teleport, make a single melee attack against an opponent within reach, and then teleport away. The total distance you move between both teleports cannot exceed 30 feet. Like with Spring Attack, you can’t attack a foe that is adjacent to you at the start of your turn.

Severing Shadow (Ex) 13th Level

Any melee weapon you wield gains the wound critical hit effect. If it already has the wound critical hit effect, it gains the severe wound critical hit effect. If a weapon already has a critical hit effect, you can apply either the critical hit effect from this ability or the weapon’s normal critical hit effect when you score a critical hit.

Weeping Shadow (Ex) 17th Level

Your unexpected attacks leave targets devastated and erratic. When you hit an opponent with a melee attack who was not aware of your presence, it is frightened for 1d4 rounds. If you score a critical hit, the target is instead panicked for 1d4 rounds. The target can attempt a Will saving throw at the end of each round to remove the frightened or panicked condition (DC = 10 + half your soldier level + your key ability modifier).

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