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Scope, laser

Starfinder Armory p.60

Level: 6
Price: 4300
Bulk: L
Capacity: 20
Usage: 1/hour
Weapon Type: Railed weapon, small arm

A scope is a telescopic sighting device with an incorporated reticle that attaches to a small arm or railed weapon’s top rail. A scope can’t be added to a weapon with a sight (see page 61). As a move action, you can aim through a scope. This can be done as part of the same move action required to aim a weapon with the sniper weapon special quality, or as part of a sneak attack where you do not take any movement even if you also aim a sniper weapon as part of that action. Aiming through a scope reduces penalties to attack rolls due to range as well as bonuses to AC from cover.
In addition, a scope increases a weapon’s range increment for determining penalties to attack rolls due to range. For small arms, a scope increases the weapon’s normal range increment to 1-1/2 times its listed range for this purpose. For longarms and heavy weapons, the increase is 4 times the normal range increment. For sniper weapons, the increase is twice the range increment of the sniper special property. The reduction in penalties due to aiming with a scope applies only to the next attack roll you make with the weapon before the end of your next turn. Scopes also confer other benefits depending on their type.
You can also view distant objects through a scope as a move action, which grants you a +1 circumstance bonus to vision-based Perception checks against objects 30 feet or farther from you. You can use a scope for this purpose when it is not attached to or integrated with a weapon. A detached scope does not provide improved accuracy.

A laser scope functions as a sniper scope with additional laser targeting capabilities. Activating or deactivating a laser scope is a move action. An active laser scope reduces penalties due to range and AC bonuses from cover by 4. You can add the nightvision capabilities of a nightvision scope to a laser scope for an extra 1,000 credits.

NameLevelPriceBulkCapacityUsageWeapon TypeSource
Scope, sniper31350L0Railed weapon, small armARM p.60
Scope, nightvision42350L201/hourRailed weapon, small armARM p.60
Scope, revealing912500L201/hourRailed weapon, small armARM p.60
Scope, clarity1237500L201/hourRailed weapon, small armARM p.60

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