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Player > Weapon > Solarian Crystals > Electron crystal, shard

Electron crystal, shard

Starfinder Armory p.49

Level: 1
Price: 280
Damage: +1 E
Special: Stun

While in use, an electron crystal causes a solar weapon to crackle with electricity and dance with magnetic distortions. The user can control these distortions to dull a blow to the target, which many solarians consider to be a useful feature for incapacitating foes. An electron crystal polarizes the energy of a solar weapon, adding electricity damage and allowing you to convert all damage dealt to nonlethal. These crystals are available in shard, least, minor, lesser, standard, greater, and true versions.

Electron crystal, least31430+1d2 EStunARM p.49
Electron crystal, minor63850+1d4 EStunARM p.49
Electron crystal, lesser912100+1d6 EStunARM p.49
Electron crystal, standard1230500+3d4 EStunARM p.49
Electron crystal, greater1593000+4d4 EStunARM p.49
Electron crystal, true18332000+6d4 EStunARM p.49


You can set a weapon with the stun special property to stun mode (or reset it to normal mode) as a move action. While in stun mode, all the weapon's attacks are nonlethal. See page 252 for more about how nonlethal damage works.

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