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Frosthaft doshko, chill

Starfinder Near Space p.150

Level: 4
Price: 2100
Damage: 1d8 C
Critical: Enfeeble
Bulk: 1
Special: Powered (capacity 20, usage 1), reach, unwieldy

This doshko has blades formed of deadly ice by condensers situated within the weapon. Few wielders of a frosthaft doshko consider their weapon appropriately sized unless it’s at least as tall as they are. The extra leverage and freezing blades cause the weapon to hit with incredible force, numbing muscles and snapping bones.

Two-handed WeaponsTypeLevelPriceDamageCriticalBulkSpecialSource
Frosthaft doshko, chillAdvanced421001d8 CEnfeeble1Powered (capacity 20, usage 1), reach, unwieldyNSP p.150
Frosthaft doshko, subzeroAdvanced9128002d10 CEnfeeble1Powered (capacity 20, usage 1), reach, unwieldyNSP p.150
Frosthaft doshko, glacialAdvanced14734004d10 CEnfeeble1Powered (capacity 20, usage 1), reach, unwieldyNSP p.150
Frosthaft doshko, avalancheAdvanced208044008d12 CEnfeeble1Powered (capacity 20, usage 1), reach, unwieldyNSP p.150


The target must succeed at a Fortitude saving throw or take 1d4 Strength damage.


A melee weapon with an internal battery that must be charged to function has the powered special property, which lists its capacity and usage. Unlike with a ranged weapon, the usage is for 1 minute of operation rather than per attack, though using a powered weapon for less than 1 full minute still expends 1 full usage. The number of charges expended is equal to the usage × the number of minutes the weapon is used, rounded up to the nearest minute. You can activate the power of the weapon as part of the action used to make an attack with it, and it automatically deactivates after 1 minute.
As with ranged weapons, you can recharge the battery of a powered melee weapon using a generator or a recharging station, or you can purchase new batteries for it. If you try to attack with a powered weapon that’s out of charges, it functions as an improvised weapon (see page 169).


Only melee weapons can have the reach special property. Wielding a weapon with reach gives you 10 feet of reach for attacks with that weapon. See Reach and Threatened Squares on page 255 for more information.


Weapons with the unwieldy special property are large and awkward, can’t be fired without cooling down first, or are otherwise difficult to use with repeated attacks. You can’t use an unwieldy weapon as part of a full attack (or any other action in which you could make multiple attacks), you can’t attack with it more than once per round, and you can’t use it to make an attack of opportunity.

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