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Kishaxe, assault

Starfinder Adventure Path #04: The Ruined Clouds (Dead Suns 4 of 6) p.48

Level: 9
Price: 13000
Damage: 2d10 S
Critical: Wound
Bulk: 2
Special: Analog, archaic

Though crudely crafted from bits of scrap and debris, kishaxes hit hard, with some models able to chop off limbs with a single brutal blow.

Two-handed WeaponsTypeLevelPriceDamageCriticalBulkSpecialSource
Kishaxe, skirmishAdvanced420001d10 S2Analog, archaicDS04 p.48
Kishaxe, assaultAdvanced9130002d10 SWound2Analog, archaicDS04 p.48
Kishaxe, havocAdvanced14700004d10 SSevere wound2Analog, archaicDS04 p.48
Kishaxe, onslaughtAdvanced195400009d10 SSevere wound2Analog, archaicDS04 p.48


Roll on Table. The target must succeed at a saving throw of the listed type (if any) or suffer the listed effect. If the creature lacks a specified location, use the general location.

1–10GeneralBleed 1d6
11–13Eye (sensory)RefLost eye, –2 Perception
14–15Leg (mobility)FortSevered limb, –10 land speed
16–17Arm (manipulation)RefSevered limb, lose a hand
18–19Vital organFort1d4 Con damage
20BrainFortStunned 1 round


This weapon does not use any advanced electronics, computer systems, or electrical power sources. It is immune to abilities that target technology. While this use of the word “analog” is not technically correct when referring to technology, use of the term in this way has become common throughout the Pact Worlds.


This weapon deals 5 fewer damage unless the target is wearing no armor or archaic armor. Archaic weapons are made of primitive materials such as wood or common steel.

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