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Needler estoc, ultra-pointed

Starfinder Character Operations Manual p.124

Level: 14
Price: 67000
Damage: 9d6 P
Critical: Injection DC +2
Bulk: L
Special: Injection

This slender blade is designed to puncture weak points in modern armor and inflict precise wounds on foes. The weapon possesses a small, transparent tank on its hilt, and when its wielder thrusts the blade into a foe, a spring-loaded mechanism forces anything placed in this tank up through thin passages within the blade to be discharged into the target.

One-handed WeaponsTypeLevelPriceDamageCriticalBulkSpecialSource
Needler estoc, standardAdvanced21751d6 PInjection DC +2LInjectionCOM p.124
Needler estoc, sharp-pointedAdvanced640001d8 PInjection DC +2LInjectionCOM p.124
Needler estoc, hyper-pointedAdvanced10175004d6 PInjection DC +2LInjectionCOM p.124
Needler estoc, ultra-pointedAdvanced14670009d6 PInjection DC +2LInjectionCOM p.124
Needler estoc, supreme-pointedAdvanced1834200014d6 PInjection DC +2LInjectionCOM p.124
Needler estoc, master-pointedAdvanced2075000018d6 PInjection DC +2LInjectionCOM p.124

Injection DC +2

If the weapon is used to deliver a poison or drug of some kind, the save DC of that poison is increased by 2 when delivered on a critical hit.


This weapon or its ammunition can be filled with a drug, an injury poison, or a medicinal compound. On a successful attack with the weapon (either the first attack if it’s a melee weapon or an attack with the relevant piece of ammunition if it’s a ranged weapon), the weapon automatically injects the target with the substance. Refilling the weapon with a new substance acts as reloading it and is a move action. Each different injectable material must be bought separately and can be used in any weapon with the injection special property. See page 231 for rules and prices for drugs, medicinals, and poisons.

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