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Polarity gauntlets, storm

Starfinder Armory p.48

Level: 15
Price: 122000
Damage: 5d6 E
Bulk: 1
Special: Operative, polarize 3d6, powered (capacity 80, usage 8)

Polarity gauntlets fit snugly over the wearer’s extremities, and when activated, the two gloves generate an arc of electricity between them. Due to the alternating currents, subsequent attacks deal additional damage: each strike that hits a target after the first in rapid succession deals additional damage. The popularity of these weapons has led to the proliferation of different versions, including the cheap but potent spark and static models, the midrange aurora and current models, and the powerful storm and tempest polarity gauntlets. Kasathan warriors who maintain their cultural predilection for melee combat favor polarity gauntlets as an effective weapon that aligns with their martial values.

Two-handed WeaponsTypeLevelPriceDamageCriticalBulkSpecialSource
Polarity gauntlets, sparkAdvanced14101d3 E1Operative, polarize 1d3, powered (capacity 20, usage 2)ARM p.48
Polarity gauntlets, staticAdvanced423501d6 E1Operative, polarize 1d4, powered (capacity 40, usage 2)ARM p.48
Polarity gauntlets, auroraAdvanced8106002d6 E1Operative, polarize 1d6, powered (capacity 40, usage 4)ARM p.48
Polarity gauntlets, currentAdvanced12391003d6 E1Operative, polarize 2d6, powered (capacity 80, usage 4)ARM p.48
Polarity gauntlets, stormAdvanced151220005d6 E1Operative, polarize 3d6, powered (capacity 80, usage 8)ARM p.48
Polarity gauntlets, tempestAdvanced196150009d6 E1Operative, polarize 4d6, powered (capacity 100, usage 10)ARM p.48


An operative can use the trick attack class feature (see page 93) with a weapon that has this special property. Any character can add her Dexterity modifier rather than her Strength modifier on melee attack rolls with weapons with this special property.


A melee weapon with an internal battery that must be charged to function has the powered special property, which lists its capacity and usage. Unlike with a ranged weapon, the usage is for 1 minute of operation rather than per attack, though using a powered weapon for less than 1 full minute still expends 1 full usage. The number of charges expended is equal to the usage × the number of minutes the weapon is used, rounded up to the nearest minute. You can activate the power of the weapon as part of the action used to make an attack with it, and it automatically deactivates after 1 minute.
As with ranged weapons, you can recharge the battery of a powered melee weapon using a generator or a recharging station, or you can purchase new batteries for it. If you try to attack with a powered weapon that’s out of charges, it functions as an improvised weapon (see page 169).


A weapon with the polarize special property briefly builds up a polarized charge in a target. When striking a target multiple times with a weapon with the polarize special property in the same round, damage from each such strike after the first is increased by the listed amount. This resets at the beginning of your next turn.

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