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Retractable spike, tactical

Starfinder Armory p.53

Level: 5
Price: 3150
Damage: 1d4 P
Bulk: L
Special: Conceal, integrated (1 slot), operative

These keen-edged spikes are installed in an armor upgrade slot rather than held, stored in a surface slot in armor or an android’s body until extended. You can extend the spike as a move action and retract the spike as a swift action. Such a spike usually extends from the elbow, foot, knee, or wrist, but a spike can be fitted into a helmet or an android’s head for use in headbutting or goring foes. Retractable spikes are widely available throughout the Pact Worlds, with the various models—tactical, advanced, elite, and paragon—having individual rarity based on the credit outlay to acquire a given model.

One-handed WeaponsTypeLevelPriceDamageCriticalBulkSpecialSource
Retractable spike, tacticalBasic531501d4 PLConceal, integrated (1 slot), operativeARM p.53
Retractable spike, advancedBasic10184003d4 PLConceal, integrated (1 slot), operativeARM p.53
Retractable spike, eliteBasic151190007d4 PLConceal, integrated (1 slot), operativeARM p.53
Retractable spike, paragonBasic208950006d10 PLConceal, integrated (1 slot), operativeARM p.53


An operative can use the trick attack class feature (see page 93) with a weapon that has this special property. Any character can add her Dexterity modifier rather than her Strength modifier on melee attack rolls with weapons with this special property.


A weapon with the conceal special property is considered especially small or easy to hide for purposes of Slight of Hand’s hide object task, granting you a +4 circumstance bonus to skill checks to hide object.


An integrated weapon can be wielded normally or installed in an armor upgrade slot. When properly installed, the weapon is considered to be wielded without needing to assign a number of hands to wield it. An integrated weapon requires the listed number of armor slots for proper installation. An android or any other creature with the upgrade slot racial ability cannot combine its racial upgrade slot with armor upgrade slots to install an integrated weapon. Installing, removing, or replacing an integrated weapon in a suit of armor takes 10 minutes, as if it were an armor upgrade.

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