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Storm hammer, ferromagnetic

Starfinder Armory p.48

Level: 11
Price: 22900
Damage: 6d6 B & E
Critical: Knockdown
Bulk: 1
Special: Powered (capacity 20, usage 2)

This massive warhammer’s magnetic discharge deals additional damage that can sometimes knock a target to the ground. Dwarves in the Diasporan Star Citadels first developed storm hammers to bring larger foes to a more manageable height; many bear aesthetic designs hearkening to Angradd and other dwarven motifs. The materials used in a storm hammer’s construction determine the magnetic force and thereby the strength of the weapon; available versions include diamagnetic, paramagnetic, ferromagnetic, antiferromagnetic, and metamagnetic storm hammers.

Two-handed WeaponsTypeLevelPriceDamageCriticalBulkSpecialSource
Storm hammer, diamagneticAdvanced313001d8 B & EKnockdown1Powered (capacity 20, usage 2)ARM p.48
Storm hammer, paramagneticAdvanced755203d6 B & EKnockdown1Powered (capacity 20, usage 2)ARM p.48
Storm hammer, ferromagneticAdvanced11229006d6 B & EKnockdown1Powered (capacity 20, usage 2)ARM p.48
Storm hammer, antiferromagneticAdvanced1614500012d6 B & EKnockdown1Powered (capacity 20, usage 2)ARM p.48
Storm hammer, metamagneticAdvanced2072800020d6 B & EKnockdown1Powered (capacity 20, usage 2)ARM p.48


The target is knocked prone.


You are lying on the ground. You take a –4 penalty to melee attack rolls. You gain a +4 bonus to your Armor Class against ranged attacks, but you take a –4 penalty to your Armor Class against melee attacks. Standing up from prone is a move action.


A melee weapon with an internal battery that must be charged to function has the powered special property, which lists its capacity and usage. Unlike with a ranged weapon, the usage is for 1 minute of operation rather than per attack, though using a powered weapon for less than 1 full minute still expends 1 full usage. The number of charges expended is equal to the usage × the number of minutes the weapon is used, rounded up to the nearest minute. You can activate the power of the weapon as part of the action used to make an attack with it, and it automatically deactivates after 1 minute.
As with ranged weapons, you can recharge the battery of a powered melee weapon using a generator or a recharging station, or you can purchase new batteries for it. If you try to attack with a powered weapon that’s out of charges, it functions as an improvised weapon (see page 169).

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