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Sword cane, advanced

Starfinder Pact Worlds p.194

Level: 4
Price: 2100
Damage: 1d4 P
Critical: Bleed 1d4
Bulk: L
Special: Analog, operative

This thin blade comes with a scabbard that makes it resemble a stylish cane. Sword canes are popular on Absalom Station, where similar nonweapon items have some popularity as fashionable affectations. A sword cane can incorporate one of the following at the standard price for that item: 20 feet of retractable cable line, a personal comm unit, or a spotlight. A successful Perception check (DC = 15 + the weapon's item level) is required to identify a sword cane as a weapon when it is sheathed.

One-handed WeaponsTypeLevelPriceDamageCriticalBulkSpecialSource
Sword cane, tacticalBasic12501d4 PBleed 1d3LAnalog, operativePWD p.194
Sword cane, advancedBasic421001d4 PBleed 1d4LAnalog, operativePWD p.194
Sword cane, ultrathinBasic770002d4 PBleed 1d4LAnalog, operativePWD p.194
Sword cane, zero-edgeBasic10180002d6 PBleed 1d6LAnalog, operativePWD p.194
Sword cane, molecular riftBasic13509003d8 PBleed 1d8LAnalog, operativePWD p.194
Sword cane, dimensional sliceBasic161600005d8 PBleed 2d6LAnalog, operativePWD p.194


The target gains the bleeding condition.


You take the listed amount of damage at the beginning of your turn each round until this condition ends. Your bleeding can be stopped with a successful DC 15 Medicine check as a standard action, or through the application of any ability that restores Hit Points. If you take two or more bleed effects, you take only the damage from the worst effect.


This weapon does not use any advanced electronics, computer systems, or electrical power sources. It is immune to abilities that target technology. While this use of the word “analog” is not technically correct when referring to technology, use of the term in this way has become common throughout the Pact Worlds.


An operative can use the trick attack class feature (see page 93) with a weapon that has this special property. Any character can add her Dexterity modifier rather than her Strength modifier on melee attack rolls with weapons with this special property.

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