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Cinder rifle, valor-sequence

Starfinder Adventure Path #13: Fire Starters (Dawn of Flame 1 of 6) p.52

Level: 11
Price: 23700
Damage: 3d8 P
Range: 80 ft.
Critical: Burn 2d6
Capacity: 20 rounds
Usage: 1
Bulk: 2

Designed for the fighting elite of Sarenrae, cinder rifles are similar to most jacketed rifles, but within the framework of the gun, the ammunition becomes superheated. The result is a bullet exiting the gun while white hot, tracing its path through the air with a bright trail.

Two-handed WeaponsTypeLevelPriceDamageRangeCriticalCapacityUsageBulkSpecialSource
Cinder rifle, truth-sequenceLongarms27001d8 P60 ft.Burn 1d610 rounds12DF01 p.52
Cinder rifle, salvation-sequenceLongarms760002d8 P60 ft.Burn 1d614 rounds12DF01 p.52
Cinder rifle, valor-sequenceLongarms11237003d8 P80 ft.Burn 2d620 rounds12DF01 p.52
Cinder rifle, glory-sequenceLongarms151022006d8 P80 ft.Burn 2d624 rounds12DF01 p.52


The target gains the burning condition.


You are on fire. As long as you have this condition, at the start of your turn each round before you take any actions (or attempt the Reflex saving throw described below), you take the listed amount of damage as fire damage (or 1d6 fire damage, if no amount is listed in the effect that causes burning). Fire damage from multiple sources that inflict the burning condition is cumulative.
At the end of each round you are burning, you can attempt a Reflex saving throw to remove this condition. The DC of this saving throw is equal to 10 + the amount of fire damage you took this round from the burning condition. If you succeed at this saving throw, you lose the burning condition. You can attempt a new saving throw each round you have this condition, and you receive a +2 bonus for each previous saving throw you've attempted in consecutive rounds.
You can also automatically end this condition by jumping into enough water to douse yourself. If you don't have enough water on hand, you can spend a full action to roll on the ground or otherwise smother the fire to attempt a new saving throw with a +4 bonus (plus any bonuses from previously failed consecutive attempts) to end the condition.

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