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Disintegrator pistol, decimator

Starfinder Adventure Path #02: Temple of the Twelve (Dead Suns 2 of 6) p.52, Starfinder Armory p.36

Level: 11
Price: 28000
Damage: 1d20 A
Range: 20 ft.
Capacity: 20 charges
Usage: 2
Bulk: L

This hefty pistol has two small internal tanks that generate the energy needed to deliquesce the wielder's targets. Disintegrator pistols come in liquidator, decimator, executioner, and eradicator models.

One-handed WeaponsTypeLevelPriceDamageRangeCriticalCapacityUsageBulkSpecialSource
Disintegrator pistol, liquidatorSmall Arms645001d10 A15 ft.20 charges2LDS02 p.52, ARM p.36
Disintegrator pistol, decimatorSmall Arms11280001d20 A20 ft.20 charges2LDS02 p.52, ARM p.36
Disintegrator pistol, executionerSmall Arms162000002d20 A25 ft.Corrode 1d640 charges4LDS02 p.52, ARM p.36
Disintegrator pistol, eradicatorSmall Arms207450003d20 A30 ft.Corrode 2d640 charges4LDS02 p.52, ARM p.36

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