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Glove needler, advanced

Starfinder Character Operations Manual p.123

Level: 7
Price: 5800
Damage: 1d12 A
Range: Reach
Critical: Injection DC +2
Capacity: 1 round
Usage: 1
Special: Conceal, injection, punch gun

Featuring a hand-mounted firing device that injects its target with acidic compounds, this weapon resembles a cross between a caustoject and cestus pistol. By default, the weapon uses a miniature battery to create caustic fields to inject into foes, but it can launch syringes of other substances when properly loaded with them.

One-handed WeaponsTypeLevelPriceDamageRangeCriticalCapacityUsageBulkSpecialSource
Glove needler, tacticalSmall Arms25601d4 AReachInjection DC +21 round1Conceal, injection, punch gunCOM p.123
Glove needler, advancedSmall Arms758001d12 AReachInjection DC +21 round1Conceal, injection, punch gunCOM p.123
Glove needler, eliteSmall Arms14693003d12 AReachInjection DC +21 round1Conceal, injection, punch gunCOM p.123
Glove needler, paragonSmall Arms207650006d12 AReachInjection DC +21 round1Conceal, injection, punch gunCOM p.123

Injection DC +2

If the weapon is used to deliver a poison or drug of some kind, the save DC of that poison is increased by 2 when delivered on a critical hit.


This weapon or its ammunition can be filled with a drug, an injury poison, or a medicinal compound. On a successful attack with the weapon (either the first attack if it's a melee weapon or an attack with the relevant piece of ammunition if it's a ranged weapon), the weapon automatically injects the target with the substance. Refilling the weapon with a new substance acts as reloading it and is a move action. Each different injectable material must be bought separately and can be used in any weapon with the injection special property. See page 231 for rules and prices for drugs, medicinals, and poisons.


A weapon with the conceal special property is considered especially small or easy to hide for purposes of Slight of Hand's hide object task, granting you a +4 circumstance bonus to skill checks to hide object.

Punch Gun

A punch gun weapon is a small ranged weapon outfitted with a pressure-sensitive firing mechanism that is affixed to a glove or a similar item. Unlike most ranged weapons, which discharge when a trigger is pulled, a punch gun fires when sufficient pressure is placed upon its barrel. All punch gun projectile weapons have a range equal to their wielder's natural reach. Although these are ranged attacks, they do not provoke attacks of opportunity.

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