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Ionizer, stannic

Starfinder Armory p.45

Level: 19
Price: 611000
Damage: 5d8 E
Range: 30 ft.
Critical: Arc 5d8
Capacity: 20 charges
Usage: 1
Bulk: L
Special: Integrated (2 slots), unwieldy

The ionizer's beam ionizes a path to its target, which serves as a route for the ensuing electric charge. There are several different elemental ions used in constructing ionizers, with the strength of the output based on the metal used. The most common are cupric, ferric, chromic, and stannic ionizers. Generally, the weapon's hardware is stored in two upgrade slots of a piece of armor, while a connected wand-like barrel extends from an extremity. Aballon's anacites designed the first ionizers, but they have long since spread throughout the Pact Worlds and beyond.

One-handed WeaponsTypeLevelPriceDamageRangeCriticalCapacityUsageBulkSpecialSource
Ionizer, cupricSmall Arms646502d4 E30 ft.Arc 1d620 charges1LIntegrated (2 slots), unwieldyARM p.45
Ionizer, ferricSmall Arms10201004d4 E30 ft.Arc 2d420 charges1LIntegrated (2 slots), unwieldyARM p.45
Ionizer, chromicSmall Arms14800005d4 E30 ft.Arc 3d420 charges1LIntegrated (2 slots), unwieldyARM p.45
Ionizer, stannicSmall Arms196110005d8 E30 ft.Arc 5d820 charges1LIntegrated (2 slots), unwieldyARM p.45


The attack's energy leaps to a second creature. This secondary target must be within 10 feet of your original target and must be the creature closest to the original target (you choose if multiple creatures are equidistant). Roll the amount of damage listed in the weapon's arc–the secondary target takes this damage (not multiplied by the critical hit), of whatever type the weapon deals.


Weapons with the unwieldy special property are large and awkward, can't be fired without cooling down first, or are otherwise difficult to use with repeated attacks. You can't use an unwieldy weapon as part of a full attack (or any other action in which you could make multiple attacks), you can't attack with it more than once per round, and you can't use it to make an attack of opportunity.


An integrated weapon can be wielded normally or installed in an armor upgrade slot. When properly installed, the weapon is considered to be wielded without needing to assign a number of hands to wield it. An integrated weapon requires the listed number of armor slots for proper installation. An android or any other creature with the upgrade slot racial ability cannot combine its racial upgrade slot with armor upgrade slots to install an integrated weapon. Installing, removing, or replacing an integrated weapon in a suit of armor takes 10 minutes, as if it were an armor upgrade.

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