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Vortex rifle, drum

Starfinder Galaxy Exploration Manual p.55

Level: 12
Price: 38000
Damage: 4d6 So
Range: 60 ft.
Critical: Nauseate
Capacity: 20 charges
Usage: 1
Bulk: 1
Special: Breach, underwater

A vortex rifle shoots a burst of sonic energy so powerful it generates a small vortex or whirlwind on impact. Well-aimed shots can overcome a target with waves of nausea. Vortex rifles also can be used to generate enough force to break down doors and walls. Vortex rifles can be found in pulse, surge, drum, and hammer varieties, which, in ascending order, generate increasingly powerful sonic waves.

Two-handed WeaponsTypeLevelPriceDamageRangeCriticalCapacityUsageBulkSpecialSource
Vortex rifle, pulseLongarms314002d4 So60 ft.Nauseate20 charges11Breach, underwaterGEM p.55
Vortex rifle, surgeLongarms641502d6 So60 ft.Nauseate20 charges11Breach, underwaterGEM p.55
Vortex rifle, drumLongarms12380004d6 So60 ft.Nauseate20 charges11Breach, underwaterGEM p.55
Vortex rifle, hammerLongarms17250008d6 So60 ft.Nauseate40 charges21Breach, underwaterGEM p.55


The target must succeed at a Fortitude saving throw or gain the nauseated condition for 1 round.


You are experiencing stomach distress. You can't attack, cast spells, concentrate on spells, or do anything else requiring attention. The only action you can take is a single move action per turn.


A weapon with this special property that is used underwater ignores the –2 penalty to attack rolls and deals full damage.


A breach weapon is specifically designed to apply sudden force to doors and walls in an effort to break them. If you are trained in Engineering, as a full action you can use a breach weapon against an adjacent stationary door or wall, or at the GM's discretion, against a similar adjacent object. An attack with the weapon expends ammunition as normal, but instead of making an attack roll, you attempt a Strength check against the object's break DC (Core Rulebook 408) and add the breach weapon's item level to the check.

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