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Hive bay

Starfinder Pact Worlds p.153

PCU: 5
COST (In BP): 10

Xenowarden capital ships have the ability to launch pod ships (see page 162) to use as shuttles or other short-range vessels. A hive bay can launch up to two pod ships. For each pod launched in this way, the arkship loses 15 Hull Points and takes a –2 penalty to its AC and TL, and all crew actions take a –2 penalty. As long as the capital ship has an unoccupied slot in a hive bay, it can reabsorb a pod ship to regain these Hull Points and negate the penalties. If the pod returns damaged, the capital vessel regains 1 fewer Hull Point for every 2 points of Hull Point damage taken by the pod ship. The penalties are negated regardless of the pod ship’s condition.

NamePCUCost (In BP)Source
Hive bay510PWD p.153

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