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Ignurso knuckles, solar flare

Starfinder Alien Archive 4 p.51

Level: 17
Price: 262000
Damage: 9d6 F&S
Critical: Severe wound
Bulk: L
Special: Analog, penetrating

Ignursos wield enough strength to punch through rock, and even after death, their claws ignite with momentary heat when struck against another surface. Weaponsmiths can stabilize the claws' supernatural ignition and incorporate them into bladed gauntlets known as ignurso knuckles. These gauntlets' ignurso-hide coverings protect the wielder from the claws' heat, and high-end models allow the claws to retract into wrist sheathes.

One-handed WeaponsTypeLevelPriceDamageCriticalBulkSpecialSource
Ignurso knuckles, emberBasic531001d6 F&SWoundLAnalog, penetratingAA4 p.51
Ignurso knuckles, blazeBasic9135002d6 F&SWoundLAnalog, penetratingAA4 p.51
Ignurso knuckles, infernoBasic13502504d6 F&SWoundLAnalog, penetratingAA4 p.51
Ignurso knuckles, solar flareBasic172620009d6 F&SSevere woundLAnalog, penetratingAA4 p.51

Severe Wound

Roll twice on Table and choose your desired result. The target can still attempt any associated save.

1–10GeneralBleed 1d6
11–13Eye (sensory)RefLost eye, –2 Perception
14–15Leg (mobility)FortSevered limb, –10 land speed
16–17Arm (manipulation)RefSevered limb, lose a hand
18–19Vital organFort1d4 Con damage
20BrainFortStunned 1 round


This weapon does not use any advanced electronics, computer systems, or electrical power sources. It is immune to abilities that target technology. While this use of the word “analog” is not technically correct when referring to technology, use of the term in this way has become common throughout the Pact Worlds.


A penetrating weapon is designed to punch through large objects' outer layers, making it easier to damage them. A penetrating weapon ignores an amount of hardness equal to the weapon's level.

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