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Dross gun, flux

Starfinder Armory p.36

Level: 10
Price: 19200
Damage: 2d12 A
Range: 20 ft.
Critical: Severe wound
Capacity: 20 charges
Usage: 4
Bulk: 1
Special: Penetrating

Early models of disintegrator weapons were designed solely to deal indiscriminate corrosion damage to targets. The dross gun is a slightly more refined version, though it lacks the overall power those initial prototypes had. Its shots are slightly more concentrated, dealing substantial damage to objects and dealing painful, lasting wounds to a target on a direct hit. A scrapper dross gun is the smallest model available, used as often to remove choice parts from a wrecked starship as it is to remove crew from the ship in the first place, and the scoring and flux models have increased wounding capabilities.

Two-handed WeaponsTypeLevelPriceDamageRangeCriticalCapacityUsageBulkSpecialSource
Dross gun, scrapperLongarms27201d6 A15 ft.20 charges11PenetratingARM p.36
Dross gun, scoringLongarms533001d8 A20 ft.Wound20 charges21PenetratingARM p.36
Dross gun, fluxLongarms10192002d12 A20 ft.Severe wound20 charges41PenetratingARM p.36

Severe Wound

Roll twice on Table and choose your desired result. The target can still attempt any associated save.

1–10GeneralBleed 1d6
11–13Eye (sensory)RefLost eye, –2 Perception
14–15Leg (mobility)FortSevered limb, –10 land speed
16–17Arm (manipulation)RefSevered limb, lose a hand
18–19Vital organFort1d4 Con damage
20BrainFortStunned 1 round


A penetrating weapon is designed to punch through large objects' outer layers, making it easier to damage them. A penetrating weapon ignores an amount of hardness equal to the weapon's level.

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